Gamers Beat Cancer introduces new Rocket League competition

Gamers Beat Cancer introduces new Rocket League competition

2 March 2023

As a fan of gaming and esports in the UK, chances are that you have heard of Gamers Beat Cancer. As its name indicates already, Gamers Beat Cancer is a registered West-Yorkshire-based charity in England and Wales focused on helping cancer patients in the battle with their disease. Or in the organisation’s own words, a charity that “supports people of all ages, all backgrounds, and all types of cancer to manage the mental health issues that come with living with cancer, and the emotional trauma that accompanies cancer diagnoses, prognosis, and treatment”. As part of its core objective, Gamers Beat Cancer has announced this week that it will be launching its very own monthly Rocket League event to increase awareness and to help with fundraising.

Top class support for the initiative

While the first edition of the monthly event still needs to be played, Gamers Beat Cancer has already managed to team up with a series of reputed and well-known brands and partners. Gaming tournament platform and esports media company Legend Gaming will be offering admin and tech support for every event, while the Rocket Soccar Confederation EU (RSC EU) will release a special jersey soon. RSC EU is one of Europe’s biggest community draft leagues for Rocket League and the previously mentioned jersey will feature the “Gamers Beat Cancer” logo on the front. This will help to further raise awareness and a part of the generated sales will be donated to the organisation as well.

“I am delighted to get this over the line and have had great chats with Craig [Winfield, Esports and Gaming Advisor at Gamers Beat Cancer] on our vision for this partnership”, says Adam Binns, Head Admin at RSC EU, “Charities have always been close to my heart due to my experiences in life and having worked in the health and nursing sector for many years prior to esports, and so it is an honour to welcome Gamers Beat Cancer as a partner within the RSC and working together on plans going forward”.

Power of gaming

While details on what the recurring Rocket League event will look like have not been revealed yet, the goal of the initiative is more than clear. Gamers Beat Cancer has the belief that gaming can have the power to help with the healing process of cancer patients by creating new shared experiences. What we do know already, is that throughout the events, both players and viewers will be able to make donations to Gamers Beat Cancer.

“We are delighted to be working with our partners in what is our first step into the esports space”, says Steven Bracewell, founder of Gamers Beat Cancer, “As someone who is a cancer patient myself, I know the release that gaming offers me. With these events, this will only allow us to help even more cancer patients and caregivers who share our love for gaming”.