Guild supporting Kung Fu Panda 4 release with Street Fighter 6 event

Guild supporting Kung Fu Panda 4 release with Street Fighter 6 event

21 March 2024

Even if you’re not following the world of esports in the UK on the daily basis, chances are that you’ve heard of Guild Esports. The London-based esports organisation gained worldwide fame when former Manchester United and England footballer David Beckham acquired part of it back in June 2020. Since then, the organisation has grown into one of the most recognisable esports brands in the UK and now, they have been chosen to support the release of Kung Fu Panda 4, the latest movie by DreamWorks Animation.

Dragon Warrior Cup

In support of the launch of the new Kung Fu Panda movie, Guild will be organising its very own Dragon Warrior Cup, a special Street Fighter 6 event to accompany the big occasion. It will consist of a live Street Fighter 6 tournament held at the Sky Guild Gaming Center in Shoreditch (northeast London), which for the occasion will be themed entirely in accordance with the Kung Fu Panda movie franchise.

The fourth instalment of the series is set to be released in cinemas on Thursday, March 28th, and the Dragon Warrior Cup will be taking place a week earlier. The tournament will be played on Friday, March 22nd, and the action will be livestreamed via Guild’s official social media channels. It will also feature a host of influencer and celebrity guests, including British rapper P Money, and professional Street Fighter 6 player and Guild contract star Chiu “Rainpro” Chin-yat.

“Tune in on March 22 at 6 PM to see your favourite creators compete at the 'Dragon Warrior Cup' - a Street Fighter tournament celebrating the upcoming cinema release of Kung Fu Panda 4”, Guild Esports wrote on their own X account recently, “Watch live for your chance to WIN an exclusive merch bundle!”

Exclusive prizes for players and viewers

The loyal Kung Fu Panda fans will have undoubtedly noted that Guild has named its special event after the all-important Dragon Warrior Tournament from the movie. Where Po, the movie’s panda protagonist, competes to win the Dragon Scroll and the title of Dragon Warrior, participants in the Guild Dragon Warrior Cup will have their own prizes to compete for. The players themselves compete for the title of Dragon Warrior, just like Po, while viewers can win exclusive Kung Fu Panda 4 and Guild Esports merchandise. This way, Guild wants to appeal to its Gen Z segment in particular, as they are very familiar with both the Kung Fu Panda franchise and the world of esports.

“We’re delighted to have been tasked with the creation and production of this event for Universal Pictures’ UK launch of Kung Fu Panda 4”, says Jasmine Skee, CEO at Guild Esports, “We know that Gen Z can be hard to reach but the gaming audience is one of the most engaged within this cohort – and we’re looking forward to showcasing our Guild Studios’ capabilities and delivering a stand-out influencer event to promote the launch of this latest instalment.”

Image Credit: Guild Esports