Motorsport UK all in on esports with new dedicated Esports Hub

Motorsport UK all in on esports with new dedicated Esports Hub

2 February 2023

We always love to bring you news about promising projects and developments in the world of esports in the UK. Just last week, for example. we introduced the brand-new British Counter-Strike Association (BCSA) and earlier this year we wrote an update on the creation of the heavily anticipated The Wired Lobby in Middlesbrough. Esports in the UK are definitely growing, that much is clear, and the launch of Motorsport UK’s specialised Esports Hub fits that trend perfectly. We already wrote about the organisation’s growing interest in the world of esports back in October of last year and about their ambition to develop a dedicated esports hub. Those ambitions have now become reality with the brand-new Esports Hub.

Providing value to fans and pros

“We are developing a simple informational hub, which will give new people who’ve come fresh into sim racing a bit more clarity around what equipment to use, what platform or console is better, what are the pros and cons of each, what games you can use on certain platforms, etc…”. That’s one of the quotes by Paul Crawford, Esports Manager at Motorsport UK, we included in our piece from October and not a word was untrue, it turns out. Just last week, “the beating heart of motorsport in the United Kingdom”, as Motorsport UK calls itself, announced the launch of its very own Esports Hub.

The goal of the Esports Hub is to “grow the community of new and experienced drivers, providing value, insight and benefits around the discipline”, says the organisation in its official press release on Friday, January 27th, 2023. “The Hub provides an environment to nurture the esports industry in its current form by adding credibility, professionalism and promotion of the sport”. New drivers will be supported while they get to know more about the world of sim racing, while the more experienced and/or professional drivers can use the Hub to add to their existing racing experience.

Special access to exclusive Motorsport UK events

In line with its goal to provide value to anyone interested in racing and esports, access to the Motorsport UK Esports Hub is free and open to everyone. There is also the option of a paid annual membership which provides special access to regular Motorsport UK events, projects and benefits, as well as considerable discounts on equipment, coaching and personalised gaming setups. Paid or not, the Esports Hub also provides users with a list of established communities and companies that can stimulate integration into the world of British esports.

“The Motorsport UK Esports Hub will make understanding esports simpler and easier to navigate, becoming an aggregator of the great ongoing work across multiple organisations within the community”, explains Paul Crawford, “The Hub features extensive and detailed insight on how to get started and what to look out for alongside exclusive benefits to off-set participation in esports. Motorsport UK’s first community event in 2022, the Britcar 24-hours, was a great success with live streaming and prizes awarded. A range of member only events are planned for 2023 to enhance the value of the hub and continue to build the community”.