Streetfighter V pro The4Philzz grabs silver medal at 2022 GEG

Streetfighter V pro The4Philzz grabs silver medal at 2022 GEG

2 January 2023

As dedicated fans of esports in the UK, you have undoubtedly followed the 2022 Global Esports Games (GEG) that took place from December 15th to December 17th, 2022, in the Turkish metropole of Istanbul. Naturally, British esports were represented as well at one of the biggest esports events of the year. Back in October, we published an article introducing Team Great Britain’s roster for the Global Esports Games and now we’re looking back at some of the side’s biggest successes in Turkey.

The4Philzz gets second place

We’re starting with the biggest UK success at the 2022 Global Esports Games, where Street Fighter player Kim-Philippe Badiabio aka The4Philzz managed to grab second place for the only medal of Team Great Britain. The young Englishman impressed friends and goes alike on his way to the grand final, not losing a single game in the play-offs and recording an awesome 12-0 streak. Unfortunately for him and all British fans of Street Fighter V, Chinese Taipei’s Bruce “GamerBee” Hsiang proved to be a bridge too far for The4Philzz, despite the latter’s excellent form. The final ended in 3-1 for the Asian fighter, leaving The4Philzz with the silver medal. New Zealand competitor Reagan “GhostChips” Kelly took home the bronze medal.

“When it comes to the social aspect, GEG 2022 was one of my favourite events to date”, said The4Philzz on Twitter after the grand final, “I am happy to have performed as well as I did while representing Great Britain this year, and second place is still a great result. I feel like the Global Esports Games are still a growing event, and given time and feedback, it will keep getting better throughout the years. I want to say thank you so much to all the people who showed me love so far during my time in Istanbul. The amount of love and support from so many people was my favourite part of the event”.

More impressive British performances

Besides The4Philzz, several other talented UK esports pros booked impressive results in their respective titles. Gary “xBigStuff” McInnes managed to reach the top 16 in the eFootball event LAN finals, while the British DotA 2 women’s team made it to the quarter-finals. Both results show that esports in the UK are currently competing at the highest level, while also indicating there is still room for improvement. This was also stated by team manager Mark Weller, who was assisted by former esports pro Josh “Bryn” Norris.

“A second-place finish for us in Istanbul and we return with a silver medal for @British_Esports after a huge performance from @4philzz”, Weller wrote on Twitter after the event, “Shout out to the whole UK squad. One last dance for me in 2023 as GB Team Manager, let's see if we can bag that gold”.

After rounding up the 2022 Global Esports Games, the British Esports Federation can now fully shift their focus to the 2023 GEG that will take place in December of next year in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Photo credit : British Esports