Esports betting exchange Dragoni relaunches in UK with Counter-Strike odds

Esports betting exchange Dragoni relaunches in UK with Counter-Strike odds

3 August 2023

As the world of esports in the UK and the rest of the planet grows, so does esports betting. More and more people are finding their way to esports to place their bets, which, in essence, is not much different from betting on traditional sports. For one of our sister websites, for example, we wrote a piece about Team Vitality and GG.BET launching a prediction game inside Vitality’s own and existing V.Hive app, which has proven to be a hit amongst users. The rising popularity of esports betting has led to the creation of more betting-oriented apps and projects, one of them being UK-based esports bookmaker Dragoni. The company launched back in 2021 with a focus on League of Legends and has now expanded its operations with a new peer-to-peer exchange aimed at the Counter-Striker universe.

Focus on betting and data

With the release of Counter-Strike 2 just a few months away, Dragoni has launched a new full-service platform focused on data and betting for Counter-Strike players and teams. Besides the possibility of betting on match outcomes, individual player performances and in-game events, the new platform also offers a peer-to-peer exchange market and in-depth data tracking. In total, it consists of four blocks:

  • Peer-to-peer exchange market: on the Dragoni peer-to-peer exchange market, Counter-Strike players can bet directly against each other by setting their own odds, negotiating bets and generally interacting with other members of the community. Creating your own bets is one of the main features of Dragoni’s newest project.
  • Bookmakers market: the bookmakers market offers a more traditional bookmaker service where players can bet against “the house”.
  • Data resource: as is the case with traditional sports betting, data and analytics form an essential part of esports betting. The Dragoni data resource offers a large range of data, including match statistics, profiles for teams and individual players, and historical data.
  • Community: besides offering betting and analysis possibilities, Dragoni wants to foster a “vibrant and inclusive community where esports enthusiasts can connect, share their passion, and engage in meaningful conversation”, as the company itself puts it. The platform therefore facilitates discussion forums, the promotion of user-generated content, and all kinds of interactive events”.

“We obviously provide a great sports book, but what we’re trying to do is bring together the data and educate people, so we’re not just having people bet,” explains co-founder Mark Cole, one of Dragoni’s co-founders, “We want to give back to the community and are putting in a lot of effort and time on the betting platform, providing this data that you can use […] A lot of people see bookmakers as huge operations, but we’re small and dedicated, and are made up of passionate esports fans. And if you don’t feel comfortable betting against a bookmaker, you have the exchange market where you can bet against people who have the same passion as you. And we’re facilitating that”.