Feenix sponsoring esports teams without organisation

Feenix sponsoring esports teams without organisation

15 April 2022

Esports in the UK are growing quickly and one of the main reasons for that growth is the fact that the UK esports community is expanding rapidly as well. There are, of course, the gaming events and tournaments for esporters, but we also see a considerable rise in industry-related initiatives for other players in the market, like esports managers, esports marketeers and young people hoping to play a role in the world of esports in the UK and worldwide. In that light, the Feenix event sponsorship fund is another wonderful and interesting addition to the scene.

Funding esports team rosters

“We are here to help UK esports. Due to the expense of attending events, we are starting a Feenix event sponsorship with £500 going to teams not represented by an organisation. For the upcoming Insomnia event, we are assisting FAMBIT, Keto and others. Best of luck”. With this message on their official Twitter account, Feenix Esports announced the creation of their fund for organisation-less esports teams. As they explain, for many smaller and unrepresented teams, just attending the various important events all over the UK can be prohibitively expensive. Like this, they hope to help level the playing field a bit, as the fund will not be limited to the upcoming Insomnia esports tournament alone.

The Feenix initiative is reminiscent of professional esporter Isaac “Boombox” Charles putting a considerable chunk of his own money into the prize pool of the epic.LAN Starcraft II tournament back in 2019. Like Boombox, Feenix founder Alastair “McNoob” Whitham wants to give back to the UK esports community that provided him with so many opportunities in the past. “While I don’t really have time or energy to be a full-time owner [of an esports organisation] anymore, I do still have the heart to help”, McNoob wrote on Twitter in response to the previously mentioned Feenix Tweet, “I fell into this event [Insomnia], but in the future there is more structure. If companies want to get involved too, please reach out, this is currently all from my own pocket, which is fine by me, but we can expand the help to more individuals”.

Future of the Feenix fund

The fund for Insomnia is just the very beginning of the Feenix fund, if it’s up to the organisation itself. As we wrote earlier, it’s not limited to Insomnia or any specific game, but designed to help various teams attend different events throughout the UK. “In the future, this [fund] will not be limited to a specific game or event”, Feenix continues on Twitter, “Insomnia is a particularly expensive event, however. A more official application based on meritocracy, personality, longevity, and other factors will be introduced at a later date”. It will surely be interesting to see how the Feenix event sponsorship fund will develop and to what extent other players will follow its lead.