Unibet Partners with CS:GO Astralis Team

Unibet Partners with CS:GO Astralis Team

5 December 2018

Unibet a leader in the world of online gambling has signed a global partnership with Astralis a leading esports organization who are currently atop the CS: GO world rankings with four titles already won this year. The partnership which lasts two years makes Unibet the official betting partner of the Astralis team. They both seek to increase the publics’ interest in esports on a global scale. 

With the signing of this partnership, Unibet now has access to all the global image rights and exclusive content that relates Astralis to, esports, and CS: GO. Rhodri Darch who is the CFO at Kindred Group believes that their partnership enables Astralis to become more competitive while raising interest in the world of esports 

On their part, Astralis through Jakob Lund who is a co-founder of RFRSH which is the organization behind Astralis stated that the coming on board of Unibet as a sponsor would secure Astralis growth and stability for the coming years. 

The partnership will make the Astralis brand visible in all of Unibets markets which will in turn cement both these partners as one of the major stakeholders in the global world of esports. It is an excellent partnership as it comes at a time when both companies are committed to creating awareness and adding more value to the esport world which will translate to improved customer and fan experience across their brands. 

Both companies will be launching new initiatives and offer in the coming months while still assisting customers in making informed bets through sharing their sports expertise. Astralis has the required experience through their strategic play, and they have a dedicated team that works together to accomplish its set goals. Partner this with Unibet's global reach and resources, then we have a dream team who will change how people view esports in this modern era. The deal will also see both Unibet and Astralis work to promote competitive gaming on the globe. 

Astralis were awarded the Esports team of the year recently and are managed by RFRSH Entertainment which also runs the BLAST Pro Series esports tournaments.