British school in Spain first in the country to offer esports course

British school in Spain first in the country to offer esports course

19 April 2023

If there is one thing we love to see, it’s the mainstream adoption of esports in the UK and worldwide. From the creation of new esports organisations and events to the incorporation of esports in government and education; the potential of esports in basically endless, which is why we often write about such developments. This one is a bit different though, because even though it’s yet another British school pioneering the field of esports in education, the school itself is actually not located in the United Kingdom. The Montessori British School in Murcia is located in southeast Spain and has just become the first educational institution in the Southern European nation.

Both online and in person

For years now, the Montessori British School in Murcia has prided itself on being able to provide high-quality education that is tailor-made for each student. It’s therefore no surprise that the institution is the first educational centre in Spain to offer BTEC courses in Esports, in both English and Spanish (for non-British readers: BTEC is a qualification of exam in a technical or vocational subject, typically taken by students between the ages of 16 and 18). That’s not even all though, because the Esports course can be taken either online or at the school itself, depending on the student’s possibilities and preferences.

“The qualification we offer at Montessori British is essentially for 16-18 year olds”, explains Mercedes Hill, the school’s current director, “But they are not limited to this age group. It is an official, professional qualification, endorsed by Pearson Edexcel, the largest international certifying body in the UK […] We fully support our students whether they are ready to obtain the qualification at a younger or older age than expected, due to personal or life circumstances”.

Opening doors to higher university studies

While every student is encouraged to take the esports course, or any course at the Montessori British School for that matter, at his or her own pace, it can be done in one year time. That’s particularly interesting for those students who are perhaps seeking opportunities in further education, for example at university level. Besides the many skills esports students learn that can be of added value in other sectors as well, esports itself can also be a good tool to finance higher education, for example through one of the many university teams that are active in the United Kingdom. These organisations often offer scholarships to players they would like to recruit.

“There is a whole range of transferable skills learned that can be used not only in esports, but also in the gaming and entertainment industries”, says Hill, “All organisations need people who are effective in communication, teamwork, leadership, resilience and who are confident in the subjects of science, mathematics, science and technology, which students in Esports are very good at acquiring”.