Meet the 2022 Amazon University Esports Winter Split champions!

Meet the 2022 Amazon University Esports Winter Split champions!

23 December 2022

 As the end of the year is nearing, so are the ends of various esports competitions in the United Kingdom. The country’s leading university esports initiative, for example, the Amazon University Esports competition, held the finals of its 2022 Winter Split on Friday, December 9th, and Saturday, December 10th. Thousands of students spread over more than one hundred university esports teams from the UK and Ireland competed for glory in some of the most popular esports titles, including League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Overwatch 2. If there is one thing the 2022 Amazon University Esports Winter Split confirmed once again, it’s that there is an abundance of talent for esports in the UK at universities all over the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Crowning at Confetti X

The final university esports event of the year was held at the Confetti X esports hub, the £5 million multi-event esports venue that was very recently built as part of Nottingham Trent University, with esports entertainment company GGTech and the NUEL (National University Esports League) in charge of the event’s organisation and promotion. Competition was fierce during the event, which resulted in just one institute taking home more than one title. This was the University of Exeter, whose pupils managed final victories in both Valorant and Rainbow Six Siege. There were also new Woman and Non-Binary competitions that were held for LoL and Valorant, which were won by Galactic Meow from Staffordshire University and Aschente from the University of Surrey, respectively.




League of Legends


De Montfort University



University of Exeter

Teamfight Tactics


University of Bristol


KCL Lions

King’s College London

Rainbow Six Siege


University of Exeter

Rocket League

UEA Bluejays

University of East Anglia

Overwatch 2

Warwick Angels

University of Warwick

Clash Royale


University of Nottingham

Consolidating its grassroots presence

The 2022 Amazon University Esports Winter Split once again showed that GGTech and NUEL are running a successful concept with lots of potential. As far as esports in the UK go, there is no other organisation as involved in the grassroots development of university esports in the United Kingdom and Ireland as the forces behind the Amazon University Esports Splits.

“Over the weekend, we raised the bar to an extremely high level”, said Tao Martinez, responsible for university development at GGTech, after all was said and done, “As a result of Confetti’s partnership, we were able to provide fans with a unique experience in facilities that can be compared with professional leagues. Giving our players the best possible competition and visibility, something we achieved last weekend [December 9th and 10th 2022], has always been our goal. The support of students at the beginning of their careers was essential to the success of this project”.