Introducing Greyscale, UK's newest broadcaster specialised in esports

Introducing Greyscale, UK's newest broadcaster specialised in esports

28 July 2022

It feels like esports broadcasting is going through something of a mini boom these months. Not too long ago, we wrote a piece on the launch of brand-new esports-focused show by the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) aimed at the United Kingdom’s armed forces, and now we’ve got the scoop on yet another new esports broadcast. Two parties with a wealth of experience in both broadcasting and esports in the UK have teamed up to create a new UK-based esports broadcast and content creation business under the name Greyscale.

Experienced team behind Greyscale

Even though the official launch of Greyscale was announced a few weeks ago already on the new company’s Twitter account, there has not been too much buzz around the initiative yet. That’s likely to change soon though, as the team behind Greyscale is made up of some very experienced professionals in different areas. First of all, there is Jakub “Atroix” Szmyt, a professor of esports production at the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies in Nottingham. He joined forces with Felix Möller, a specialist in broadcasting who has worked in tier one production for various companies and programs over the years, including Fussball Bundesliga (Football Bundesliga), the Sport 1 Porsche Cup and German broadcaster ARD’s “Ich Weiss Alles”.

Improving the standards of production in UK esports

As Greyscale announced on the day of their Twitter inauguration, its “a new company focusing on affordable and bespoke services in broadcast production, photography and videography, content production, event staffing and consultation, and teaching and training”. This shows that Greyscale’s range of services will stretch beyond esports broadcasting and content creation. The goal is not just to do business, but to support UK esports and beyond, regardless of budget or project size.

“We’ve got a solution for anything ranging from videography to on-site production”, says Greyscale co-founder Jakub “Atroix” Szmit, “I think the main thing that makes us stand out & be different is our pricing structure & company values – we’re focusing on education, working with students, uploading content and being able to provide a product for anyone no matter the budget.”

Looking beyond the UK

Initially, Greyscale will be focusing on esports in the UK, but that doesn’t mean that Greyscale doesn’t have the ambition to expand beyond the British market. As Szmyt said himself, “The UK tends to lack a high level of production, especially at a remote level. It could be so much more, but just isn’t. I want to change that”. At the same time, the Greyscale team has already been working with some teams in other regions and countries, and the plan is to start traveling to international industry events in the near future. Like this, the company won’t only have the possibility to work on international partnerships, but also to bring back new ideas and ways of working back to the UK.