Esports in the UK: Man United star Jesse Lingard announces collab with Recast

Esports in the UK: Man United star Jesse Lingard announces collab with Recast

3 December 2021

Professional athletes, celebrities, and investors have found their way into the world of esports. With the exponential growth that esports worldwide are experiencing over the past decade or so, it is no surprise to see big names from the worlds of sports and entertainment showing their interest in trying for a piece of the ever-growing cake. For our international website, for example, we recently covered the announcement of a collaboration between former Manchester United and French national team footballer Mickaël Silvestre, his new talent agency Talent Lyfe, and Dubai-based esports organization Galaxy Racer.

By getting involved in esports, Silvestre is following in the footsteps of several former colleagues of his, including David Beckham and Jesse Lingard. The former is co-owner of esports organization Guild Esports, while the latter is currently co-owner of JLINGZ Esports, together with Premier League club Manchester United. In the quest for growth and improvement, JLINGZ announced last week that they have signed a partnership with video platform Recast. We figured it would be interesting to take a look at what this partnership means exactly.

First of all, what is Recast?

Most readers will have at least heard of Manchester United and Jesse Lingard at some point, but Recast's name is a lot less known. For now. The company is a social video exchange for fans and calls itself the “Home of Great Sports Videos”. It's goal is to bring sports, and now also esports, to fans directly with the help of a unique monetization model based on a lack of subscription fees and a system that awards users in-app credits called Casts for watching and sharing videos. That way, the platform seeks to connect rights holders to fans directly.

“I am excited to take this next step with JLINGZ. Esports is fast-paced, competitive, and has a community of dedicated fans”, said Jesse Lingard of the partnership after the announcement, “I can’t wait for them to see our amazing players in action and follow the team’s journey through Recast”.

What's in it for JLINGZ Esports?

With Recast, the UK-based esports team now has a way to offer its fans easy access to all kinds of original and exclusuive JLINGZ Esports content, like pre-game analyses, gaming highlights, and tactical insights. Both of the games in which the team is involved, FIFA and Rainbow Six Siege will be part of the deal. JLINGZ' fans will also be able to watch behind-the-scenes footage of the team's stars, including the captain of their Rainbow Six team, Sam Williams, and of course, Jesse Lingard himself.

“We are delighted to be working with the JLINGZ team to bring fans closer to content from some of the best talent in esports. Particularly considering in-app currencies, micro-transactions and gamification are familiar to esports’ audiences, we are seeing great success for our esports partners on Recast”, commented Recast founder and CEO of Recast. “Growing at pace, esports needs to establish a stronger, sustainable model, and we are thrilled to have forward-thinking rights holders and names like Jesse trust Recast to help to capitalize on its potential”.

Image credit: JLINGZ / Recast